A Beginners Manual to Use Apps and Websites to Share Photos in Bulk

A Beginners Manual to Use Apps and Websites to Share Photos in Bulk


Photo sharing is a common activity nowadays and everybody is involved in it. However as a beginner you may face difficulty in sharing bulk photos with your friends online. To avoid any mishap in this regard there are some guidelines that need to be followed by you. Through this article I will share these guidelines with you. The guidelines are linked with different photo sharing websites and applications. 

The basics

You must be taking pictures from your smart phone or digital camera. Whatever may be the case the first thing which you need to do is to get pictures transferred from your smartphone/digital camera to your computer.  The basic guidelines in this regard are

Try to become familiar with the photo transferring techniques

Always follow the prompts that arise on your computer screen especially when you have a memory card or USB inserted.

Try to safe your photograph’s versions which you want to be shared with your loved ones



Facebook is a popular social media website and if you want your pictures to be shared via Facebook then follow the below mentioned points



First of all get your Facebook account created

Get the Facebook application downloaded on your smart phone

From your computer, get the photos uploaded on Facebook

After editing your photos get them shared on Facebook



Instagram is also a big name in social media circles and most of the people here share photos for business purposes, whatever may be the case; the things which should be kept in mind by you are


If you do not have the Instagram Application then get it downloaded on your smart phone

Get your Instagram account created

In the middle of the navigation bar you will find a blue button. Click this button after getting your account created

Before uploading your photos, it is better that you give them a caption and other such details

There is a share button in Instagram which you need to click once you have decided to share your photos with others through the platform



Twitter is also a significant social media website used for different purposes


First of all create your twitter account

Try to tweet your picture from your computer

Your tweet can be shared through the blue button which is very much evident on the site



Photo bucket is a renowned photo sharing application and if you are using it for the first time then in such a case you need to follow the mentioned guidelines

First of all create your Photobucket Account

You need to upload your photos in Photobucket through your computer

There is a button provided in Photobucket clicking which will allow you to share your photos with your friends



Flickr is also a photo sharing application widely used; some guidelines pertaining to it are as follows

You need to check the site of Flickr in order to create the account

There is blue button in Flicker, clicking which will allow you to upload your photos from the computer

You can click the share link in order to get your photos shared



Snapfish is also a photo sharing application though it is less common however still is used in various circles

The application also allows you to share photos via email and all you need to do is to add the email of the person to whom you want to send the pictures

You will find a yellow button which says upload. Click this button to get your pictures uploaded.

On the top right corner you will find a link which says signup, well click this link in order to make your account. Do add relevant details related to your profile


“If you want to know more about photo sharing sites and applications then check out this one by appadvice. The above mentioned guidelines must be followed by you in latter and spirit. Initially you may face some difficulty however rest assured you will soon become a professional.”

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