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Beyond Instagram – Best Filter Apps You Should Start Using Right Now

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“A picture is worth a thousand words

And in today’s world of graphic statements on social media, this has never been truer.

On popular channels like Instagram and Facebook, people have been using a lot of image enhancement filters for long. But since originality and creativity is a competitive sport, everyone is finding better ways to come out on top.

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While there are a lot of apps to share your photos, choosing the best one is important. Here’s a list of the top filter applications for you to enhance your camera skills:



Apart from all your normal filters on an app, VSCO adds subtle and soft effects to your photos giving a look that it’s been taken on an analog camera. And with a simple UI it’s easily accessible.

The app also has a strong online community for you to connect and share your photos with.


Foodie2. Foodie

With more than 25 filters to choose from, Foodie is an app designed specifically for food lovers. Get ready to take the simple meal of scrambled eggs and bacon to the next level.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

If you want to things more on a professional level, this app is just for you.

The mobile version of the desktop app is mainly for making high quality adjustments and does not aim to provide a lot of installed filters. The app is also known to work with RAW files.


picsart4. Pics Art

Another popular and detailed application available both on iOS and Android.

A lot of customization with adjustments and robust collage features, this app is very comprehensive.


Fotor Photo Editor5. Fotor Photo Editor

A slider for customization, numerous collage templates and a lot of filters, Fotor Photo Editor is a very popular app amongst regular insta fanatics.


Air Brush6. Air Brush

The built-in camera feature that lets you add live effects is the top selling feature for this app.

Popular specially amongst the female audience, the app also allows for makeup and other radiant features.


Bonfire Photo Editor Pro7. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Easy navigation, user – friendly interface and a good response speed, Bonfire is the perfect app for beginners.


Aviary8. Aviary

Another popular app amongst youngster, Aviary also has an added feature to directly edit memes.

Although it does not allow complex operations, Aviary has a lot of convenient features.


Snapseed9. Snapseed

The Google owned filter app is a more professional app on the list. The app is completely free and has a lot of powerful features to choose from.


Prisma10. Prisma

This app was at its peak of popularity in 2017. However, with such a different filter from the ones available on other apps, Prisma lets you turn your images into work of art. The complete look of the image – hue, color tone, saturation is adjusted to make it look into something compelling.


Cymera11. Cymera

A lot of camera functions and a lot of image editing options with an advance selfie mode. Cymera is a strong performer on most fronts.


Pixlr12. Pixlr

A very simple UI with just 5 enhancement categories, Pixlr is a very clean and offers a wide array of effects.

The app also has an option to save your favourite combinations and customizations.


Pic Say Pro13. Pic Say Pro

A very popular app on the play store, Pic Say Pro also lets you add multiple props, text bubbles, icons etc on your images.

Basic features like contrast, brightness, tint, red eye also remain available.


InstaLab14. InstaLab

The Polaroids that come out on the app are much appreciated. The vintage – modern photos give the app a cool feel.

The app also offers print service but that comes at a cost.


Adobe Photoshop Express15. Adobe Photoshop Express

A lot of technical customizations are possible on this app. Although the only limiting factor is the need for registration for the full range of useful features.


Social media enthusiasts and influencers specially have realised that online community can now be well explored for business aspects also. Even big brands with marketing capabilities now pitch to the emotional aspect of a consumer. And what better way to personalize than posting images and videos online. Consumers can now see and zoom on each pixel so everything has to be inch perfect. So, it’s only a start of how much of a necessity these filter applications have become.

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