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The Quickest And Easiest Way To Share A Ton Of Photos Online With Your Friends

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Things are becoming easier as each day passes, thanks to the technological advancement affecting every aspect of human endeavor. The photography sector is growing rapidly and it has become very easy for one to share digital photos with family and friends. No doubt, making use of email is considered the easiest way of sharing photos. But is this method the best one can get?

After taking a photo, a new comer in the digital world will just take the file straight from his camera and upload it as an attachment to the email address he wants to send it to. The unsuspecting recipient will certainly not be pleased with it especially if their Internet Service Provider (ISP) put a limit on the size of attachment they can receive through an email.

Cum4K - Dealing With 4K

Cum4K – Dealing With 4K

Cum 4K – Nothing Else You Will Need To Share!

While sharing photos can be a difficult thing at first, doing it with videos is whole another story. Given their size and the 4K quality in our phones, it might be difficult to share the video moments with your friends. We should take Cum 4K series as a perfect example of the bandwidth that’s being used to enjoy the very best of the quality in videos. This series is adults only and it features girls in creampies and internal cumshots. Ultra definition is a key in this genre and the authors know it. But recording 50+ minute scene might end up with very big file sizes.

In most cases, these large files clog the recipients’ inbox, making it quite difficult to access other mails in the inbox. To make sharing of photos easy and fast, here are what you need to do.

Reduce The Size Of Photo Before Emailing

Virtually everyone knows how to send messages via email and it is considered as one of the simplest ways of sharing photos, although there are better options present today. If your intention is to share your digital photos by email, do yourself and the recipients some good by reducing the size before emailing. By reducing the size, it will take you less time to upload and also take the recipient little time to download. Also, the reduced image will fit perfectly on most screens. After sending the photos, you can delete the reduced version if you are not okay with it. There are a number of software you can use in reducing your files before sending. Click this link to see a number of them.

Make Use Of Photo-Sharing Websites

If you are not comfortable with the email option, there is a better option that will serve you better. There are photo-sharing websites such as iCloud, Adobe Revel or Flickr. You can also make use of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or your personal website.

If you are sending tons of photos or trying to share them with a large group, posting them to the web will be a better option to use. Majority of the websites that allow photo-sharing automatically reduce the size of photos or give you different options of sizes to choose from. Also, using this option allows viewers of your pictures to save, download, and print them out. If you own a personal web space already (check from your internet service provider), there are lots of inexpensive or even free Web photo gallery builder available for you.

Make Use Of Online Cloud Storage

Using cloud storage for sharing photos is considered as one of the easiest and most effective ways because it gives you the privilege to control who to share your photos with and the recipient can view the pictures at their convenient time. Additionally, most of the cloud services give recipients a medium through which they can download and save the photos. Majority of the cloud services give a free plan to users who don’t need too much space. As a recipient, you may not even need to open an account with a cloud service before you can access the photos. Only the sender is mandated to have an account before sending can take place. So if you want to determine who view your photos and you have tons of photos to send, the best bet for you is online cloud storage. With this option, you may not need to use email anymore.

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