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The Best Apps to Share Photos Online In Fraction of a Second


Today we live in a world which is excelling very fast in technology and every day we get exposed to a new product or an application. About 15 years ago, the only way through which we could have shared our memorable photos with our friends was through a physical Album. However today we have loads of mediums which we can utilize to share our photos with others. In this short discourse i plan to share with you some applications through which you can share your pictures online much faster. The focus of my discussion will be solely on Android applications.

The Applications worth utilizing

Whenever you take a picture of yourself you do share it with your friends provided the picture is worth sharing. Nowadays everybody uses android phones and through this phone you can share your photos with your friends online. However for this purpose you need to install different photo sharing applications as well. Now let’s see some of the applications that can be utilized by you, some of the most popular and frequently used applications have been discussed in the headings below



One of the most remarkable and excellent photo sharing applications is Fotoswipe. The reason why it has gained so much popularity lies in the fact that as a user you can share more than 90 pictures with your friends through a single click. The application allows you to transfer your pictures from Android to IPAD. Through this application you can also share extra-large videos as well. The application does not cause any kind of harm or alteration in your uploaded picture.


Line Toss

Line Toss

Line Toss is considered as a super-fast application as far as photo sharing is concerned. The application is equipped with an efficient photo sharing system through which you can share your photos with your loved ones just in seconds. The application has the ability to arrange the pictures automatically hence searching of the photo would not be difficult at all. Message based photo sharing is also very much possible through Line Toss.




Path is a popular photo sharing application which is extensively utilized by Android users. The application is equipped with drawing tools and multiple filters which helps you as a user to edit or cut paste the photos. Path is also equipped with the ability to improve the operations of other applications as well such as wordpress and VSCOcam.





If you want to use a multi-featured photo sharing application then PhotoBucket is the right choice for you. Through PhotoBucket you can edit, print and share the pictures all over the globe. You can even add stickers and animated Gifs on your pictures. The application is easy to use and is overall effective.





One of the easiest to use photo sharing application is Flickr. Through a single Gesture you can easily organize, load and get your shared photos saved through Flickr. Cropping, filtering and editing features are also very much there in Flickr which means that you can share your photos online with optimum efficiency.





The application is equipped with the ability to work in both online as well as offline conditions. Through SmugMug a user can convert the pictures into slide shows as well. The application allows you to edit, filter, upload, download and comment on different pictures as well. The photo sharing can be done online in seconds through SmugMug.


Pic Resizer Lite

If you have a bulk of pictures which you want to share with your loved ones then do not worry as Pic Resizer Lite can solve all your problems. The application has features through which it can alter the size of your uploaded pictures. Despite of size alteration the quality of the picture does not change at all. Through Pic Resizer Lite you can share your photos on different social media websites as well.


“The above mentioned applications are all worth trying. Keeping into consideration the general trend it seems that it in near future we will be exposed to more such applications as well. If you want to know more about photo sharing applications, then try this one by field guide.”

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